Yacht Dolphin Quality Model Power Boat Painted

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Historical Information

The Yacht Dolphin was built by Consolidated Commuters on Long Island. She is perhaps the finest looking boat on the NY Canals, a 66 mahogany beauty. There are only 4 left that exist today. The Yacht Dolphin belongs to the same family when she was built in 1929 and was registered in Sorel, Canada. Originally there were some 300 Consolidated Commuters. Most of them were built for wealthy businessmen to commute from their homes on Long Island to Manhattan. When two of them would meet, often a race would ensue and the New York Yacht Club would record the results. They often carried a crew of 5-6 including a cook, a barber and a maid as well as the Captain and deck crew. Yacht Dolphin was originally equipped with Speedway gasoline engines, but those are long gone. She is now powered by twin Cummins B200 turbo-diesels.