Spad S.XIII 24" WWI Transparent Model Airplane

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Our 24″ Spad S.XIII transparent biplane model airplane is a true miniature replica of French ace, Georges Guynemer’s plane. Nicknamed Vieux Charles, it still revered in France today. The model is built from stretched silk on a lightweight wooden frame. The wheels are spoked and have rubber tires.
r23.6″ L x 29.9″ W x 9.1″ H

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Historical Information

The Spad S.XIII was a revision of the S.VII. The power was increased to add speed and a second machine gun was added with 400 rounds each. She was faster than her Sopwith and Fokker counter parts, and was particularly successful during dives. However, she suffered from engine reliability (poor lubrication and vibration) and instability at lower speeds which required powered landings. The S.XIII was one of the most mass produced fighter during WWI with 8,472 built and an additional 10,000 orders which were canceled at the end of the war.