RMS Titanic Life Boat 1:2 Scale 15' Handmade Cedar

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RMS Titanic Life Boat 1:2 Scale 15 Feet

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Lifeboat 7 was a wooden starboard lifeboat and the first one to be lowered from the sinking Titanic. Although there was a capacity of 65 people, it left with only 28 people on board, thus with 37 empty seats. The reason why was that many women and children were reluctant to enter a small wooden lifeboat and preferred to stay on the massive "unsinkable", but sinking, Titanic. Quartermaster Rowe saw the boat in the water from the aft bridge. He was still on duty like nothing happened and was forgotten by his colleagues. But when he spotted the lifeboat, he rang the bridge to ask them if they knew that a lifeboat was launched at starboard side. Next thing he knew he was on the bridge with a box full of pyrotechnic distress fireworks, and the first one was shot at 12:47 A.M