Quality Model Airplane 1917 Red Baron Fokker Triplane DR I 425/17

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Quality Model Airplane 1917 Red Baron Fokker Triplane

rToday the name “Red Baron” conjures up the image of the cartoon character Snoopy with his scarf flying in the wind. However, the Red Baron, Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richtofen was the top scoring World War I flying ace with at least 80 kills. Our display quality model airplane is a 1:30 scale reproduction of the 1917 Fokker Triplane Model DR-1 number 425/17. Each model is hand constructed and beautifully painted with authentic World War I colors and symbols. Whether it’s displayed alone or with other memorabilia, this quality airplane model will hold a prized spot in your home or office. Any collector or enthusiast would be pleased to display it.
rL: 12.75 W: 11.5 H: 5.5 Inches

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In early 1917, the British Sopwith Triplane began flying in combat, so the German High Command requested that a triplane be developed for their use. Many concepts were tried in an effort to produce aircraft that outperformed the enemy. Several companies entered the competition; the contract was awarded to Anthony Fokker, a Dutch aircraft designer who had been building aircraft in Germany from before the war. While not as fast as contemporary fighters, the Fokker Triplane had a reputation as a great dogfighter due to its great climbing and turning ability. Although over 300 were built, no original Fokker Triplanes are left in existence; the last was destroyed in WWII bombings of Berlin. This aircraft is painted in the colors of Manfred von Richtofen, the famous "Red Baron," who achieved 19 of his last 80 victories in the triplane. On von Richtofen's last day, the front lines had been in flux, and he found himself chasing a Sopwith Camel at low level over enemy territory. Although there are many stories about his death, it is generally accepted that he was killed by one bullet from the ground.