OcCre San Juan Feluca

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Here’s our OcCre San Juan Feluca. The felucca is a small wooden boat with a sharply raked mast and a large triangular sail hanging from a long, two-piece yard. They are light and maneuverable, carrying 10 passengers and a crew of two or three. They still sail the Red Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Nile in Egypt. In America, a fleet of feluccas, built by southern Italian immigrants, thronged San Francisco’s docks before the construction of Fisherman’s Wharf in 1884. OcCre’s San Juan Feluca is an accurate scale representation of these boats. Plank-on-bulkhead construction features laser cut wooden parts and double planking in lime-wood and walnut. Fittings include wooden grating, blocks and barrels, brass chain, eyebolts, nails and rudder hinges. Two cast metal life-boats, winch and anchor add life-like detail. Two diameters rigging, pre-sewn sails, display cradle and nameplate complete the kit. One-to-one plans and photographic instructions are also included. Dimensions: Length 27″, Height 19.25″, Scale 1:70.


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