OcCre Rocket Locomotive

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Our OcCre Rocket Locomotive by George Stephenson is a model of the winner from a field of five entries. This locomotive, which only weighed 4.2 tons, had a multi-tubular boiler, almost 6 ft long with a diameter of 3 ft 4 in, that was of great efficiency in terms of heat transfer. The pistons, in the cylinders, which were set at an inclined position, were coupled up to 4 ft 8 in diameter drive wheels, and she was capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 mph. Because of her characteristics, the Rocket was the first useful and practical locomotive in terms of transporting passengers and goods, launching a new age in the history of transport. Scale 1:24, Dimension in Inches:, Height: 7.1, Width: 2.6, Length: 11.4.


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