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The OcCre Montanes represents the maximum level of perfection achieved by Spanish naval architecture, when Spanish ships-of-the-line were a match for those of any navy in the world. The figurehead of this ship is not the royal lion but a  Montanes (highlander), in gratitude for the financial contribution towards her construction made by the people of the mountains. She was launched in Ferrol on 14th May 1794. It is said that she was an extraordinary vessel, whether sailing close to the wind, running free or with a following wind, and that, more than any other ship, she kept her batteries out of the water. She was engaged in a number of battles, including Trafalgar, where she mounted 76 guns and 4 carronades with mortars, located on her quarter deck. On 6th March 1810, in a violent storm, she sank off the Bay of Cadiz. Scale 1:70, Height: 35.2, Width: 18.6 inches, Length: 49.2 inches.


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