OcCre Istanbul Tram Diorama

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The OcCre Istanbul Tram Diorama is a representation of the entrance to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, one of the largest in the world. Located inside the old “walled city”, there is a Bazaar that covers more than 58 streets and has 4,000 shops or stalls, every day the bazaar attracts between 250,000 and 400,000 visitor. This Bazaar is located between Nuruosmaniye, Mercan and Beyazit. The bazaar offers a wide range of products, in particular jeweler’s, precious metal workers, spice shops, and carpet shops. The stalls tend to be grouped together by type, following the tradition of the ancient guilds. The bazaar includes two Bedestens, or domed stone-built structures, which are used for the storage of merchandise. The first of these was built in 1464, by order of Mehmet II, although it then had to be mostly rebuilt in 1864, following the earthquake. This fabulous diorama combines perfectly with the tram of Istanbul, joining the nostalgic line of Taksim-Tunnel with the Grand Bazaar, in an effort to group two large emblems of the city of Istanbul. SCALE 1:24, HEIGHT 375 mm (14.8″), WIDTH 300 mm (11.8″), LENGTH 600 mm (23.6″).


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