Occre Golden Hind Wooden Tall Ship Model Kit 1577

Item Number OC12003

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This spectacular ship model kit Golden Hind is a reproduction of the Galleon used by the famous Sir Francis Drake. It is the newest addition to our series of models of boats.
rScale: 1:85
rHeight: 17.7 inches
rWidth: 9 inches
rLength: 25.3 inches

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Historical Information

Five Galleons departed on December 13, 1577 from Plymouth, England, led by Francis Drake and the Galleon, The Pelican.
When the expedition crossed the Strait of Magellan, The Pelican was renamed The Golden Hind in honor of one of the patrons of the trip, Sir Christopher Hatton, whose coat of arms was a golden hind. The Golden Hind is known for circumnavigating the world during the years 1577-1580. After travelling 40,000 miles, in 1580 Drake returned to England with treasures and conquered lands. In 1581, Queen Elizabeth I knighted Drake.


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