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?Gamellas? are, along with ?dornas?, the most emblematic of the popular Galician embarkations. With snubbed bow and stern and a flat bottom they can be either rowed or sailed. Completely built in pine they were traditionally painted red, using a mixture that served as both careening and paint. Nowadays they can be found painted in a variety of bright and cheerful colours. The name comes from the ?gamella?, i.e. trough or basin, used for feeding animals. The ?Carmi?a? is outstanding above all because of the ease with which she can be brought on shore and her dimensions, with a length of over 16 feet and a beam of about 6. For anchoring the traditional ?poutadas?, or rocks, are still used. Scale 1:15, Height: 11.0 inches, Width: 5.1 inches, Length: 14.2 inches.


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