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Schooners were ships used for different purposes, including coastguard work and the control of smuggling along the coast, as well as carrying out the functions of a small warship. Their fore-and-aft rigs allowed them to sail close to the wind, often giving them an advantage in a chase. The rigs also required fewer sailors to operate than a similarly sized square-rigger, making them more cost effective for their owners. Occre?s Albatross kit is a typical American schooner of the late 18th/early 19th century. The kit features a double-planking on precision-cut plywood keel and frames. Detailed parts such as blocks, deadeyes, doors, cannons, carriages and deck pumps are in wood or metal. Includes full set of pre-sewn sails, rigging line, and flag. Illustrated step-by-step instructions. A good kit for the beginning ship modeler who wants a challenge. Scale 1:100, Height: 16.1 inches, Width: 8.3 inches, Length: 22.4 inches.


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