Mantua Albatros Wooden Clipper Ship Model Kit

Item Number MA771

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This Mantua Albatros wooden ship model kit is a plank on Bulkhead construction and an easy build. This would be great for the beginner modeler. There are 2 types of wood one for the hull and one for the deck. The mast and trim are made of walnut. All fittings for this kit are made of walnut and brass. There are carriage mounted cannons on the deck. Comes with 2 sheets of plans and detailed plans.
rScale: 1:40
rLength: 27.6 inches
rHeight: 20.0 inches

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Historical Information

The Mantua wooden ship model kit represents the famous American clipper ship built in Baltimore. Designed for speed and maneuverability, the clipper ships built in Baltimore in the early 1800's became known as Baltimore clippers. With her elegant lines, large deck area and plentiful cargo space, the Albatros is a typical example.