BB Korn Red 21" Polished Aluminum Model Race Car

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This red 22″ BB Korn model race car is a commanding presence in any man’s den, library, office or reception area. Truly hand tooled, traditionally die stamped body parts, in aluminum, brass. Lift the hood, admire the replica engine, turn the cockpit wheel and angle the front wheels. Smell the luxurious faux leather of the driver’s seat. This is a touch of car history. High-tech nostalgia at its best.
r20.75″ L, 9.75″ H,? 7″ W, Polished Red

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Historical Information

Its original makers were the famous Dooling Brothers, who manufactured around 1000 units at the time. They were offered to aficionados of the famous Dooling spin-dizzies, miniature motorized racecars that reached dizzying speeds. They were closely modeled on the famous Mercedes Silver Arrows of the early 1930s. Originals are now rare and highly prized by collectors. Molded with the same exacting detail as its original, our 12.2″ Indy racer is hand-cast in airplane aluminum. Hand polished and buffed to a high shine, it features a detailed dashboard, faux leather seat, steering wheel and brake. In keeping with its original model-toy character, the front wheels are not linked to the steering wheel. The wheel hubs and rubber tires are made with the same exact detail as the original. Enjoy a truly unique piece of Grand Prix history. This shiny, sleek desktop racer represents both the romance and the dramatic beauty of the most famous Grand Prix racers ever!


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