Amati Victory HMS Vanguard Wooden Tall Ship Model Kit

Item Number AM1300/04

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Detailed wooden model ship kit of one of the most famous 74 gun ships. The kit reproduces the HMS Vanguard at the Battle of the Nile under the command of Horatio Nelson.
rThe kit also includes figureheads and decorations to make the HMS Elephant or H MS Bellerophon.
rScale 1:72 – Length 46″ Width 19″ Height 35″

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Weight 1 lbs
Historical Information

The HMS Vanguard 74 Gun Ship Of The Line was Horatio Nelson's flagship at the famous Battle of the Nile during August, 1798. She was designed by Slade, who also designed the HMS Victory, and was one of the fourteen 3rd rate, 74 gun ships which formed the Arrogant Class. The ship was ordered on December 9, 1779. The keel was laid down at Deptford on October 16, 1782. During this time, Britain was not at war so her build went ahead very slowly. She was launched on March 6, 1787.