Amati Scottish Fifie Fishing Vessel 28 Inch Model Kit

Item Number AM1300/09

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The Fifie is a type of fishing vessel developed on the East Coast of Scotland.
rAmati’s newest addition to the Victory Model Line has been designed specifically for any type of model maker, and as such it is a perfect kit for those who want and expect a little more. All fittings, masts and rigging have been researched using contemporary sources and the most up to date reference material available to make the kit as accurate and as detailed as possible.
rThe kit contains laser cut keel and frames, Amati wood and metal fittings, step by step color building instructions and detailed plans in English
rLength: 700mm (27.6″)
rHeight:470mm (18.5″)
rWidth:230mm (9.1″)
rScale: 1:32

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Weight 1 lbs
Historical Information

The Scottish Fifie was an fishing vessel used primarily in the herring fishery off the east coast of Scotland from the 1850s into the twentieth century. The early Fifies were equipped only with two masts which were mounted forward in order to allow easy access to the rear deck for the fishermen. When motorization began in the later 1800s. the size of the boats increased from 66 feet for a large Fifie with sails only to around 70 feet for a motorized Fifie. By the early 1900s all of the sailing Fifies were being converted to motorized vessels.