Amati Orient Express Sleeping Car 3533 LX Model Kit

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A new impressive model is added, depicting the most famous Sleeping Car of the world, the one of the Orient Express. The kit has been possible thanks to the cooperation of the Compagnie Internationale de Wagon Lits, based on the original plans of the luxurious 1930 car.
This is a super detailed multimedia kit that features a removable roof so that you can show off every tiny detail.

The materials used in the kit are the best of the best, from the wood to the brass to the metal casting. The reproduction of each detail, from the interiors to the bogies, is just perfect.

Rails and base included.
1/32-scale model kit of SLEEPING CAR No3533 LX of the CIWL Orient Express of 1929.

Super Detailed Kit!

Length: 73cm (28.7″)
Height: 13cm (5.2″)
Width: 8.5cm (3.5″)

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Historical Information

The Orient Express acquired its reputation for comfort and luxury, carrying with permanent service and restaurant cars. The sleeping car or sleeper (often wagon-lit) is a railway passenger car that can accommodate all its passengers in beds of one kind or another, primarily for the purpose of making nighttime travel more comfortable. George Pullman was the American inventor of the sleeper car. The first such cars saw sporadic use on American railroads in the 1830s; they could be configured for coach seating during the day. Some of the more luxurious types have private rooms (fully and solidly enclosed rooms that are not shared with strangers).