Amati Mayflower 26" Quality Wooden Tall Ship Model Kit

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The Amati Mayflower, an English Galleon, is a wooden model ship kit.  This kit includes a laser cut keel, frames and decks, wooden strips for planking, wooden and metal accessories and fittings, color printed decorations and windows, masts, spars, rigging rope, cloth sails, instructions and plans in both Italian and English. Paint and other protective finish products are not included.  This is a high quality kit.  You’ll be proud to display this model when it’s finished

Scale 1:60
Length 25.5″

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Historical Information

One of the best known names in maritime history, the Mayflower is famous for having transported the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth (England) to Cape Cod (Massachusetts) in 1620. During the religious oppression in the reign of Elizabeth I of England, two sects formed: the puritans and the separatists. The separatists formed the most consistent contingent on the Mayflower, which under the reign of James I set sail from Plymouth bound for America with 102 men, women and children on the 6th of September 1620.

The Mayflower brought the first group of Pilgrims to North America in 1620. As originally conceived, the expedition included another vessel, the Speedwell, but the latter proved unseaworthy. The Mayflower, about 180 gross tons and carrying 102 passengers, finally got underway from Plymouth, England, on September 16, 1620. The ship was headed for Virginia, where the colonists had been authorized to settle. As a result of stormy weather and navigational errors, the vessel failed to make good its course, and on November 21 the Mayflower rounded the end of Cape Cod and dropped anchor off the site of present-day Provincetown, Massachusetts. No one knows exactly what the ship looked like, but it was probably about 27 m (90 ft) long, had three masts and two decks, and probably weighed about 180 tons.


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