Amati Hannah Ship-in-a-Bottle Model Kit

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When General George Washington took command of the Continental Army, there was no Continental Navy to fight the mighty British Navy. So George Washington bought the schooner Hannah, that became the first ship commissioned by the Continental Army in 1775.
rKit contains everything you need to build the ship in a bottle you have always dreamed of. Precut wooden parts, brass photoetched decks, keel and decorated bulwarks. A beautiful glass bottle is included.
rScale: 1/300
rModel length: 3.75″

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Historical Information

One of the best known names in maritime history, the Mayflower is famous for having transported the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth, England, to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in 1620. During the religious oppression in the reign of Elizabeth I of England, two sects formed – the puritans and the separatists. The separatists formed the most consistent contingent on the Mayflower, which under the reign of James I set sail from Plymouth bound for America with 102 men, women and children on the 6th of September, 1620.