1942 Fords Pickup 1:12

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1942 Fords Pickup 1:12

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Ford trucks were treated to a restyle for 1942 that was shared by all models, and they no longer looked like the car line. However, it turned out to be a short selling season. The United States was drawn into World War II on December 7, 1941, shortly after Fords 1942 models were introduced. The order was given to stop production of civilian vehicles on February 10, 1942, so assembly plants could be converted to producing war materiel. From the time the plants closed through to the end of the war, Ford concentrated its efforts into building B-24 Liberator bombers; aircraft engines; tanks; Jeep-type military vehicles; wooden gliders; and military versions of the 1942-era pickup trucks, cars, and heavy-duty trucks. Like their truck counterparts, car production was low — and for the same reason. Production ceased on February 10, 1942, so the Ford company could concentrate on building war material instead.