1911 Harley-Davidson 7D Quality Model Motorcycle

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1911 Harley-Davidson Model 7D

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The Harley-Davidson Model 7D of 1911 was the first successful v-twin from Harley-Davidson, inaugurating a motorcycle engine configuration that has continued unbroken from the Milwaukee motor company ever since. In 1909, Harley had made a few examples (27 units) of another v-twin, but the design was flawed and they did not try again until two years later. In 1911, 5,625 Model 7Ds were manufactured. The Model 7D's motor was the F-head IOE engine, in use until 1929. It sold for US $300, which with inflation would be $7619 in today's currency. Ignition was via a magneto, and the engine was started using bicycle-style pedals. Instead of a conventional clutch, a pulley belt tensioner could be moved, allowing the leather drive belt to slip. Touting its effective muffler, Harley-Davidson advertised the 7D, and the other Harleys of this era, as "The Silent Gray Fellow." A 1911 Model 7D from the George Pardo collection was set to be auctioned in January 2014.